Catalytic technologies development and implementation
Author supervision of Detailed Engineering and construction
Catalysts production and supply
Supervision of catalysts charge and start-up operations

Technical Support and Consulting

Within the joint operation for new units start-up and providing running of operating naphtha reforming, isomerization, hydrotreatment and fractionation units, SIE Neftehim, LLC executes the work package, intended to increase quality of processing, i.e.:

  • Development of feasibility study (FS) and consulting of the customer regarding motor gasolines production scheme optimization, corresponding EURO-4 and EURO-5 standards
  • Development and optimization of aromatic hydrocarbons recovery scheme
  • Development of feasibility study (FS) for construction and revamp of naphtha isomerization, reforming, hydrotreatment and fractionation units
  • Technical assistance and consulting of the customer during detailed engineering and construction of isomerization and reforming units
  • Technical assistance and consulting of the customer in pre-commissioning and commissioning period, including personnel training and guidelines for further operation
  • Development of recommendations for catalyst loading, start-up operation, regeneration, activation of isomerization, reforming, and hydrotreatment catalysts
  • Technical monitoring of unit operation, development of analytical reports and guidelines for further operation
  • Analytical control of feed and products, analysis and tests of catalyst samples to determine remaining life time with recommendations for further use