Catalytic technologies development and implementation
Author supervision of Detailed Engineering and construction
Catalysts production and supply
Supervision of catalysts charge and start-up operations


SIE Neftehim, LLC

Foundation and formation of the scientific and research organization on development and implementation of petrochemical processes in Krasnodar is closely related to solution of the task concerning introduction of naphtha catalytic reforming into oil refining in the country. The main stage was construction of semi-commercial catalytic reforming unit, which gave the possibility of testing this process and develop necessary design basis for engineering and construction of large scale commercial units. Moreover, all new reforming catalysts had been being tested on this unit for a long time, beginning with AP-56 to KR series catalysts.

June 29, 1951 is considered to be the date of the company foundation, when R&D shop No.35 was built at the territory of Krasnodar Refinery.


For the total period of the company’s existence multiple researches had been conducted and a lot of its developments had been implemented in the industry:

At present time SIE Neftehim, LLC is not only scientific and research, but also engineering organization, as well as Licensor and supplier of catalysts and technologies. Long term research experience in different fields of refining allows successful competition with the leading foreign developers and licensors on the world market.