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Catalysts Production and Supply

Production and supply of commercial catalysts

SIE Neftehim, LLC is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of commercial catalysts for isomerization, reforming, normalization (reverse isomerization) of isobutane and isopentane; catalysts for hydrotreatment, methanation, hydrogenation of benzene; and other catalysts for oil processing and petrochemistry.

Catalysts are produced at the subsidiary company Nizhegorodskiye catalysts LLC (located in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia) on modern process equipment. The production technology and the recipe of the catalysts are protected with patents and patent applications in Russia, European Union, China, India, and other countries.

Continuous quality control through all the production stages ensures high quality of catalysts that meet international standards.

Each industrial lot of the catalysts is analyzed and tested in the scientific and research laboratory of SIE Neftehim, LLC, where the processes can be simulated in conditions nearest to the industrial ones.

The catalysts are delivered all over the world, in compliance with international requirements and standards. At a client`s request, the shipments can be additionally audited by an independent international expert during the loading and dispatch operations.

SIE Neftehim, LLC is continuously improving the quality of the products to gain the best operating results and to enhance the service life of the commercial catalysts.


Full list of commercial catalysts produced by SIE Neftehim, LLC:





Zeolite catalyst for light naphtha isomerization




Commercial catalyst for isomerization of light gasoline С56 cut,
is used in «Isomalk-2» technology and can replace the catalyst on the existing isomerization units




Commercial catalyst for isomerization of light gasoline С56 cut,
is used in «Isomalk-2М» technology for drop-in replacement of the chlorinated catalyst on the existing isomerization unit without revamp




Commercial catalyst for n-butane isomerization,
is used in «Isomalk-3» 
technology and can replace the catalyst on the existing butane isomerization units




Commercial catalyst for isomerization of heptane cut,
is used in С7cut isomerization technology  «Isomalk-4» and  «ISOPLAT» process




Commercial catalysts for isobutane normalization.
The catalysts are used in isobutane normalization (reverse isomerization) technology «Isomalk-3R» and can replace the catalyst on the existing units




Commercial catalyst for isopentane normalization.  
It is used in isopentane normalization (reverse isomerization) technology «Isomalk-6R»




Commercial catalyst for fixed bed reforming on catalytic semi-regenerative reforming units




Modified Al-Pt spherical reforming catalyst for continuous regeneration units (CCR)




Catalyst for xylene isomerization to produce ortho- and paraxylenes




Ni and CoMo catalysts for naphtha hydrotreatment and guard beds




Catalysts for carbon oxides methanation




Catalyst for benzene hydrogenation in light gasoline cuts


SIE Neftehim has an over 60 years` experience in development, production, and application of commercial catalysts for oil processing and petrochemistry. Technical assistance provided by SIE Neftehim, LLC through all the stages, - from feasibility study to operation of the unit, – enables to get the highest catalytic efficiency in oil refinery processes, and guarantees an extended faultless work of equipment.

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