Catalytic technologies development and implementation
Author supervision of Detailed Engineering and construction
Catalysts production and supply
Supervision of catalysts charge and start-up operations


From the middle of the 1990-s the company’s researches and developments were concentrated on two directions – naphtha reforming and isomerization. However, as feed for these processes requires treatment in pre-hydrotreating and fractionation sections, both of these processes are included into the research area of the company.

Concentration of efforts on two basic directions has made it possible to take the functions not only of developers, but also of suppliers. Now SIE Neftehim, LLC is the recognized Licensor of catalysts and technologies for naphtha isomerization and reforming, it provides Basic Engineering of units, production and supply of catalysts, author's supervision over start-up operations, scientific and technical advisory services during operation.

In the recent years SIE Neftehim, LLC has considerably strengthened its research and experimental base and continues to expand its scientific activities: