Catalytic technologies development and implementation
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Catalysts production and supply
Supervision of catalysts charge and start-up operations

Quality Management

Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001 standard has been introduced in SIE Neftehim, LLC since 2009.

Current certificate

The main quality objective of the Company Management is extending and strengthening the company competitive positions in the field of development and introduction of naphtha isomerization and reforming, invention of new competitive technologies in the field of naphtha processing for EURO-4 and EURO-5 motor gasoline production.

SIE Neftehim, LLC work is based on the following principles:

  1. Commitment to clients and partners

    As we make a decision and implement it subsequently, first of all, we are guided by importance to satisfy the requests of our clients and partners. We build our relations with the partners on the basis of mutual benefit.

  2. High Quality Of Work

    To achieve high quality of scientific and technical products we carry out quality monitoring at various stages of our works, starting from catalyst development and throughout the entire life cycle of products.

  3. Quality System Development

    We believe that the required level of quality can be achieved only by means of complex and systematic approach to problems to be solved in the field of quality management.

    The company is guided by recognized models in the field of quality management according to the requirements of ISO 9000:2015 international standard.

    For the purpose of efficiency increase and quality management system development, we rely on actual data about its condition, collected with internal audits and measurements.

    We build the company organizational structure on the principles allowing our divisions to effectively operate the processes.

    We see our primary target as creation of conditions providing understanding and involvement of JSC SIE Neftehim personnel in the process of quality management, maximum realization of their creative abilities.

  4. Professional Competence of Employees

    We consider that it is impossible to perform qualified duties without qualified personnel, therefore we provide corresponding skill level of our employees, and make it possible to improve their professional skills.

    Raising the quality of our work, we aim to increase financial results of the company.

    Each employee is responsible for quality of his/her work, constantly improves his/her skills and aims at performance efficiency enhancement.


SIE NEFTEHIM, LLC's Management assumes the following obligations to

  1. Continuous development and enhancement of the Quality Management System efficiency.
  2. Following the Quality Management System requirements by the management and employees.
  3. Motivation of the personnel to achieve the quality objectives of the company.
  4. Target the maximum satisfaction of the clients and partners in the company activity.