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SIE Neftehim Presented Its Best Process Solutions at DOWNSTREAM RUSSIA Conference, March 2-4, Krasnodar, Russia

sie_neftehim_downstream-2021The 7th Annual DOWNSTREAM Russia 2021 Conference took place in SIE Neftehim’s native city Krasnodar, Russia.

The Conference program involved a series of presentations, technical discussions, and the technical visit at Afipsky refinery. The Conference attendees were presented by the spokespersons of the leading oil refining companies of Russia and CIS. Direct live streaming was arranged for the online attendees.

Timofey V. Karpenko, Chief Technology Officer of SIE Neftehim, LLC, reported about the achievements in the Russian technologies for naphtha isomerization and reforming, as well as the newest developments in petrochemistry.

The Conference paper is available here.