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SIE Neftehim attended ME-TECH VIRTUAL 2021 Technology Forum

sie_neftehim_metech2021For the first time, SIE Neftehim attended the famous Middle East Technology Forum ME-TECH Virtual 2021 using the new online format opportunities.

Oil and gas industry development trends and prospects in the context of global changes of the market environment were discussed at the Forum, different process solutions for hydrocarbon feed processing were presented.
Participation in ME-TECH Forum gave the opportunity to negotiate and to make personal presentations of our own process developments in oil refining and petrochemistry.
SIE Neftehim, as the developer of unique technology solutions in catalytic processes and the catalyst manufacturer, has a vast portfolio of effective technologies reducing OPEX and increasing the operating life of naphtha isomerization and reforming units. The priority of those tasks based on the new economic and environmental realities is the acute topic in the industry. In addition, for the last few years, SIE Neftehim has greatly succeeded in the new trend: reverse isomerization of С4 and С5 isoparaffins producing high purity normal paraffins. The n-butane and n-pentane products resulting from the application of the most up-to-date catalysts are valuable feeds for monoolefin production in polymer manufacturing, which is the priority task as mentioned during ME-TECH discussions.

We are grateful to the Forum hosts and attendees for the interesting and meaningful discussions.