Xylene Isomerization Catalysts

SIE Neftehim, LLC developed a catalyst for xylenes and ethylbenzene mixture for ortoxylene and paraxylene production under the trademark IK-112.

IK-112 represents platinum-containing catalyst on the support of active alumina and mordenite. Isomerization process is carried out in reactor of axial type in the presence of hydrogen at temperature 370-420°С and pressure 0.8-1.2 MPa.

The main advantages of IK-112 catalyst are:

  • high rates of ethylbenzene conversion - 50-70% together with low level of target С8 aromatics losses - 2-4%;
  • high activity allows operation at space velocity up to 4.0 h-1;
  • increased stability promotes cycle length of more than 4 years.


IK-112 catalyst specifications are represented below:

Isomerization catalyst